Plant-Based Home Chef

The idea behind my business is to provide you with home-cooked plant-based deliciousness for a fair price. Here's how it works for each of my services:

1. Meal Prep Service: Vegan meals prepared in a compostable to-go container delivered right to your door or workplace. Either order whenever you'd like, or consider ordering multiple times a week for a deal. Meals are prepared fresh, made with local produce, and are healthy, delicious, and intentional.

2. Home Chef Service: Restaurant quality (but better) vegan meals are prepared fresh for you in your kitchen. Prep work is done beforehand, and I will do all the dishes and clean up. Wholesome and delicious, when you don't feel like cooking and cleaning but you want an amazing meal. Also great for families and hangouts/parties with your roommates.

Take a look at the menu to get inspired about what you might want, but requests are encouraged!

I can work around food preferences and allergies as well.

-Picky kids? No worries, I know how to make  tasty food that also sneaks in lots of veggies and nutrients/antioxidants.

-Need a lot of protein? Perfect! I can create delectable protein-rich meals. Plant protein for the win.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!


Price breakdowns:

1. Meal Prep:

Order once:

Breakfasts/lunches: $12

Dinners: $14

Order at least twice a week:

Breakfast/lunches: $11

Dinners: $13

2. Home Chef Service: 

$30/hr + cost of groceries

(Typical 3 course meal ends up being about $60 for 3-5 people)


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