Plant-Based Home Chef

The idea behind my business is to provide you with home-cooked plant-based deliciousness for a fair price. Here's how it works for each of my services:

Meal Prep Service: Vegan meals prepared in a compostable to-go container delivered right to your door or workplace. Meals are prepared fresh, made with local produce, and are healthy, delicious, and intentional.

Others: I offer delicious trail bars that are zero waste, sweetened with dates, freshly made, packed with medicine (medicinal mushrooms, matcha, berries, etc.). Also I  make cakes, desserts for special occasions, they are made with quality ingredients are are vegan. I make a ton of other yummy things too!

Take a look at the menu to get inspired about what you might want, but requests are encouraged!

I can work around food preferences and allergies as well.

-Picky kids? No worries, I know how to make  tasty food that also sneaks in lots of veggies and nutrients/antioxidants.

-Need a lot of protein? Perfect! I can create delectable protein-rich meals. Plant protein for the win.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Again, check out my instagram to get inspired @plant_based_mars


Price breakdowns:


Sliding scale: $15-$25

Please pay how much you feel comfortable paying

Other items are priced by what they are so just ask me 


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