Chefed By Mars

Affordable Plant-Based Home Chef

Howdy, I am a home-trained chef specializing in delicious, healthy, creative, vegan food. I provide affordable, delicious home-cooked meals.

All meals are prepared with organic ingredients and/or food from our organic farm.

I provide breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, energy bars/trail food, and anything else food related!

**Service will start again May 28th! I am studying abroad in Hawaii until then**

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I love food

I've been vegan for 5 years so I've had many years to perfect vegan versions of my (and your) favorite foods. I am committed to centering dishes on whole-foods and using local ingredients as much as possible.


My intention for this business is to share the art of food, while also raising money to further this business into a food truck or something more. The prices are affordable, but the quality is impeccable and the food slaps. 


I am a student at WWU studying Geography, and I live in Bellingham, WA. We frequently have potlucks where we can vibe and share food. Check out my Instagram blog @plant_based_mars and events are also posted in the events tab at the top :)))




I've known Mars for years now and in all that time I've known her she has always been an excellent cook. Her food is hands down always clean plate worthy! I'm always looking forward to what she's going to serve me next.

Julia Burger

Mars is a wizard in the kitchen and her meals are always so satisfying. I am not a vegan but her vegan crab cakes are quite literally heaven on earth. I don't miss out on anything when I eat her food, it's just so wholesome and good.

Bill Babb

My experiences with Mars' craft: within the top 5 vegan dining experiences I've ever had, hands down. I want moreee!

Octavio Chacon

Mars' food is the closest you can get to a vegan heavan on earth

Jamie Sanford


I never believed in the accessibility of vegan eating until i ate food by plant based mars, not only her proficient kitchen skills made the food beautifully prepared, but the attention to detail and locally sources ingredients made the food amazing! Her creative ideas convinced me to turn more to natural and meat free eating.

Anneke San-Clemente Thomas

I created the logo for plant based mars because I knew that she would have a business soon! Her kitchen skills are great but she's a hardworking, honest person who believes in the power of food to bring people together.

Johanna Greif

Mars is f*@$cking BRILLIANT! She comes up with the most amazing recipes as that always taste incredible.  Her creativity is what makes the dishes stand out, and I can't wait to see what she makes next.

Orion Lekos

Before I met Mars, I was kind of skeptical about vegan food. I thought it would be kind of bland and boring, but the first time I had a meal she cooked, I was hooked. She has an incredible talent for mixing up recipes that are appealing to vegans and non vegans alike.

Kevin Lee Mullins Jr


Contact Me! literally any time

DM on insta: @plant_based_mars
Snapchat: marissawall123


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